Spot Weld Cap Electrodes
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Luvata  Z-Trode TM  Nitrode TM  Cold-Formed Cap Electrodes  provide longer welding life than CuCr Spot Weld Tips in coated steel welding with reduced weld gun stick & weld spatter in robotic spot welding & manual spot welding.
Luvata A-Trode
Weld Cap Electrode
Luvata Nitrode
Weld Cap Electrode
Luvata Z-Trode
Weld Cap Electrode
The universal weld cap electrode for reliable resistance welding at minimum piece price.
Nitrode TM
No other weld cap electrode can match Nitrode for its cost effective, high quality performance in resistance welding applications.
Z-Trode TM
The ideal weld cap electrode for resistance welding of light-to-medium gauge coated and uncoated steels.