Automatic Tip Dressers
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Weld Suppliers Automatic Tip Dressers

ARO 3G Modular Robot Weld Gun

  • Electric Tip Dressers will improve the quality of your resistance spot welding, extend weld tip life and reduce maintenance downtime. 
  • In resistance spot welding applications it is important to maintain the weld tip profile to guarantee the specified weld nugget size and weld strength are maintained. 
  • It is also important to verify welding parameters (weld current, weld cycles & weld force) are to specification by using a calibrated Miyachi weld current checker and weld force gauge.
  • Weld Suppliers can provide the correct size tip dresser & cutting blades to suite most Luvata weld tip profiles.
Automatic Tip Dresser
AC Motor
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Automatic Tip Dresser
DC Motor   
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